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Krewe of Hyacinthians
Installation of Stereo Equipment   - posted on January 03, 2013
For those of you having Charlie install your stereos, he would like you to bring your stereo equipment to the den and put it on the back of your float. The den will be open all day Saturday (1/5). Meah will be there working on specialties so please be careful of the forklift and pallets as you enter the den. You will not be able to back your vehicle into the den. There are carts you can use to transport your equipment from your vehicle.

Please make every effort to get your equipment to the den on Saturday. If you canít make it Saturday, there is a chance we will be there some time on Sunday, but not all day. Please call me (856-4750) if you must wait until Sunday.

For those of you not using Charlie, please call me to make arrangements for your stereo installation -- if you havenít done so yet.


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