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Krewe of Hyacinthians
Specialty Pickup   - posted on January 03, 2013
SPECIALTY PICKUP will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Jan 15, 16 & 17) beginning at 5:30 pm. We will have forklifts available until 8:00 pm. Den will be closed at 8:30 pm. Please follow the schedule below. You can come at any time on your night but please come only on your night, unless you make other arrangements with Kelli or Lynn. As always, specialties can be loaded on floats. No other items can be loaded. It is imperative the schedule is followed for specialties. The specialty committee will be ready to fill only the orders of the floats scheduled. If anyone comes on the wrong night, they will probably have to wait a while.
  • Tuesday, January 15--Melanie Babin, Danna Schwab, Heidi Saint, Laura Cancienne, Meah Cinnater
  • Wednesday, January 16--Laurie Hamner, Lindsey Clement, Kathryn Richard, Char Herques, Monique Fick
  • Thursday, January 17--Pie Beniot, Angel Landry, Cathy Kohmann, Sally Pertuit, Denise Robichaux, Christine Walker

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