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Krewe of Hyacinthians
Thank You!!   - posted on February 25, 2014
On behalf of the Krewe of Hyacinthians we would like to thank the citizens of Houma for braving the weather and coming out to share our parade. It was a memorable day. It was very special to see the crowd along the parade route. It appeared everyone was having a great time. A Mardi Gras parade is an event you plan for an entire year. When the weekend finally arrives Mother Nature is the one element you can’t work with or change. It is what she dictates. Criticism has surfaced about the decision to parade with an uncertain forecast. The forecast for the days of rescheduling was also very questionable. It was our decision as captains to roll the parade. This decision did not come lightly and was based on information from parish officials. According to the forecast they received the rain chances were to fall to 30% after 12 noon. The other lesson to be learned from this experience is that weather forecasting is an inexact science. Every now and then it is good to dance in the rain and make the most of what Mother Nature sends your way. Once again thank you Houma you were great sports.
Lynn Myers, President of Krewe of Hyacinthians
Vickie Rhodes, Vice President of Krewe of Hyacinthians

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